Privacy Policy

We seek:

Yes Payday Loans respects your privacy and individual data and for this motive, we only ask for required primary information or essential particulars. When you will come out to obtain our pecuniary services, you necessitate going through following information authentically:

. Your name in complete format

. electronic mail address is necessary

. postal code or locale code number is obligatory

. interests/ preferences on information review inside our website

What we practice with your data:

. No information is unconfined by us to any outside source with your private information.

. Feedbacks are sent and your responses are tremendously significant there. This is because on the foundation of your response we will perk up our site and services.

. News letters and feedbacks are sent to your get in touch with information so that you can know our newest products and offers that might be appropriate for your needs.

. We have remunerated advertisements which are frequently displayed on our website and if you get unfavorable commercial results with those then we are not legally responsible for that.

. For deleting electronic mail id from feedback data can be completed any clicking and visiting an opting out alternative and this selection is obtainable on every electronic message send to you.

. Third party cookies can be deleted by visiting the major search engine site and privacy policy.

Your information is safe and secure:

Individual information provided by you is safe and secure there is nil to be anxious about that with us.

Changes in privacy policy:

Any modify will happen in the privacy policy; will be knowledgeable at once on the site to clientele or visitors. Physically and automatically improved security solutions and swift safeguard measures are in use for your data security.